vineri, 20 februarie 2009

It all started..

In 2008..Definetly,the worse year of my life..Perhaps,the best one,but, if we look on the end, still the worse..What was I ? Just a woman...Normal one..With normal dreams, kind of boring life, with a nice boyfriend ( kind of obssesed), nice job ( kind of), desires, screams and loneliness...But hey, who cares, I was myself... I just came back from a wonderfull, yet dredfull country,Japan..Tried to start some kind of a life over,after a heartbreaking divorce. I left the country I loved so much,yet hate it in the same time, for my boyfriend..Ask me if I doubt that decision...No, I don't..It was ment to be...I loved him, I left my memories, my hole life back for him,and I returned in my own country..Never felt happier that he was there..Never felt more safe like next to him,in his arms..Never felt more unsafe than next to him...Financially...But hey again! Who cares...I had my money..Kind of..We started a company..It never worked..I was to low..My family hated him...So what..At least we tried...How many of you try,I wonder? Wasn't ment to be...Still hurts...But that is another story...

The story I am about to start is about a person ( because I cannot call it a man ) that turned my life upside down..From now on, maybe some of you, readers, will wonder, what the hell was your problem Lady?
Trust me, I still wonder....

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